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With Pablow Pronto, vacation rental managers earn extra revenue while offering cancellation protection to guests and owners, in under 2 minutes!

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Customized mobile friendly website to sell vacation rental insurance for renters.

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Automated cart abandonment campaigns: Facebook, web, email, phone reminders.

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Pre sale

Other insurers do not allow vacation rental travel insurance to be sold after the final payment date.

Post sale

Pablow's post-sale vacation rental travel insurance can be sold right up until 24h before check in.

Check-in date

Ensure happy customers who are insured post-sale in case of cancellation and trip interruption.

Vacation Travel Insurance from iTravelInsured

Help protect non-refundable trip costs against cancellation due to sickness, bad weather, job loss and more.
Vacation Rental Travel Insurance
Cancellation & Interruption Covers up to $20,000 vacation rental / timeshare exchange. Traveling Companions This policy is per reservation, everyone staying at the rental under the covered reservation would be insured. 10-Day Free Look Travelers can cancel a plan within 10 days of purchase when they have not filed a claim or departed on your trip.
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Automated retargeting via Facebook, Web and Phone

In the event of shopping cart abandonment, you can rest easy, as our system will automatically remind your customers that travel insurance has yet to be purchased, to help safeguard non-refundable trip costs if they have to cancel or interrupt their trip due to a covered reason.