• Thank you so much for your help!

    "After speaking with many different participants in the travel insurance marketplace, we had gotten nowhere.   The underwriting and marketing of travel insurance is done by large multinational companies, so finding the right person to speak with can take months and the negotiations and time requirements imposed by their underwriting teams can easily overwhelm a small startup.

    Pablow solved all that.   They took the time to understand our requirements and helped our business solve a genuine problem.   They worked on our behalf to bring to market a product offering that is competitive and easy to administer.

    Pablow provides excellent rapport and customer service.  We required a well-documented API to seamlessly integrate the offering into our systems.  Steve and his team architected a software solution which met our requirements perfectly.  

    Thanks to Pablow, we can provide a trip cancellation insurance policy that is specifically designed for vacation rental properties.  They truly went above and beyond to ensure the software was easy to implement without any insurance licensing hassles for our company.  

    We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Pablow team as we provide our more than 12,000 properties and 600 property managers the best travel insurance technology in the industry."

    Brent Kleinheksel, Founder Lodgix.com

  • Pablow is an innovator!

    "Our partnership with Pablow helps us efficiently distribute our iTravelInsured vacation rental travel insurance products to guests. We've seen strong growth in policies sold over the last few months, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the Pablow team as they increase the number of vacation rental companies who are able to access our travel insurance policies."

    Wendy Stahl, National Sales Manager at International Medical Group® (IMG®)

  • Pablow handled everything concerning travel insurance!

    "From the sign-up process to our continued partnership with Pablow, everything has been refreshingly simple!

    Having spent a year getting more and more frustrated with the major travel insurance companies denying traveler claims, we needed to find a solution that worked for both us and our travelers.

    I was first introduced to Pablow on a Thursday and signed up on their website in a matter on minutes. They reached out after just a few hours to ensure I had everything we needed to market the website to our guests and we were live and selling policies by Monday morning.

    Even though we hold a travel agency license, we do not have to renew it as Pablow takes care of everything. There was no licensing or contracts; it was seamless!

    Once we set up our travel insurance page, Pablow handled everything concerning travel insurance for our company including processing policies, handling guest questions and collecting payments. Whenever we did have a question or concern about travel insurance they were very responsive and incredibly helpful.

    The best thing is that the guest is purchasing directly from Pablow’s website and therefore there’s no risk of a policy being sold incorrectly over the phone.

    In this first year alone we will add thousands directly to our bottom-line, while protecting our guests from unexpected cancellations."

    Alistair Barrett-Powell, Chief Executive, The VIR Group®