There are a handful of travel insurance affiliate networks in the vacation rental industry that are available to property managers and system providers.

Before doing any research and wasting precious time, consider whether it makes sense to offer travel insurance to guests. Once the decision to offer travel insurance has been made, the next step is to research each provider’s coverage, claims and technology that they provide partners. In regards to coverage the corresponding question to ask is “Will this protect my guests?” To determine the insurer’s claims process and fairness ask, “Will my partner pay?” Finally, to figure out whether or not it will be easy to implement and use property managers should inquire, “Does the technology work with my booking process?

Researching and comparing which travel insurance affiliate network best fits the property manager’s individual needs is important, as guests will associate the performance of both companies with their partners and it often leads to long-term integration and relationship.

Regardless of which travel insurance affiliate network best fits each company, the important part is that property managers have travel insurance to offer guests set up in the first place.